会员 in CASF is where those in the South Florida construction business community come together to build their trusted network. 作为博彩平台推荐的成员, 您将获得以下福利:  


Your firm will be listed alphabetically and in up to six goods and services classification listings in our online 会员 guide.  这是对会员开放的, 建筑部门, 楼宇业主及管理人, 开发人员, 架构师, 工程师, 采购代理, 以及, 对公众和其他在建设博彩平台推荐的要求.  主任是会员获得推荐的好工具. 


It is a common practice for CASF members to do business with other member firms.  作为会员, you are urged to seek the products and services of fellow members as a way to recognize their support of your Association and dedication to "Promoting Quality in Construction."  CASF actively provides the names of members when requests are received for construction products and services. 


作为CASF成员, 您有权展示迷人的会员标志, which identifies your company as being part of one of the oldest and most recognized Association.  These logo decals can be attached to company vehicles, your office, storefront and hard hats.  You will also be supplied with camera-ready logos of all sizes and are encouraged to use them on your stationery, 名片, 所有的广告.


At least one dedicated general contractor networking breakfast is held each month in Miami-戴德, Broward or Palm Beach counties to provide members with the opportunity to network, find out what's happening in your industry and how your firm can bid on upcoming projects.


Continuing education and professional development of CASF members are a priority of the Association.  项目, 研讨会, 论坛, and 研讨会 are designed to educate you and your staff on the many areas of construction and business.

Since Florida legislation mandated that a minimum of 14 credit hours of continuing education be obtained every two years by each contractor wishing to renew their license, CASF and Florida Atlantic University have teamed up to provide approved courses to member contractors at reasonable rates.  OSHA工作安全课程, 债券, 留置权的法律, 代码评审, estimating software and others are offered throughout the year to help you get the necessary hours of continuing education needed.

CASF also strives to keep its members informed about the latest developments in the industry and business world.  教育委员会定期安排各种研讨会, 研讨会, 论坛和其他学习会议为您的改进.  The topics are relevant and informative and offer you valuable assistance in conducting your business.


CASF is committed to the continued excellence of the construction community in South Florida.  促进建筑行业的专业化, 中国科学院基金委每年设立一个奖学金项目.  Students enrolled in college-level courses leading to a career in construction are eligible to apply for the allocated funds.  在过去的18年里, 协会已经奖励了500多美元,000 in scholarships to students attending schools like the University of Florida's School of Building and Construction and Florida International's Department of Construction Management.


Members of CASF recognize the importance of the organization's involvement in our local communities.  虽然许多成员在个人方面为他们的博彩平台推荐服务, the Association has raised funds and donated construction goods and services on behalf of the industry to help the people throughout South Florida.  In the past ten years, CASF has given over $1,000,000 in funds, goods and services to the following:

  • ACE导师计划
  • 美国癌症协会
  • 布劳沃德盲人中心
  • 布劳沃德无家可归者合作公司.
  • 儿童援助社
  • 儿童机会小组
  • 合作喂养计划
  • 佛罗里达州儿童部 & 家庭
  • 佛罗里达海洋科学研究所
  • 南佛罗里达的4个孩子
  • 杰克和吉尔儿童中心
  • 乔·迪马吉奥儿童医院
  • 南佛罗里达青少年成就奖
  • 陷入困境的孩子
  • 白血病 & 淋巴瘤的社会
  • 救世军飓风救援
  • 谢里登男孩之家 & 女孩
  • 佛罗里达SOS儿童村
  • 男孩 & 布劳沃德女孩俱乐部 & 戴德
  • “泰勒衣橱”
  • 统一的方式
  • 柴棚
  • 遇险妇女



One of the major reasons for becoming a member of the Construction Association of South Florida is the ability to join efforts with others in the industry to protect the future of your business in Miami-戴德, 布劳沃德和棕榈滩县, 以及, 佛罗里达州. CASF staff continually monitors county government and state legislative activities on each member's behalf.  当影响南佛罗里达建筑业的问题出现时, our county and state government officials are immediately apprised of our position prior to the development or finalization of ordinances, 规定, 和法律. 

使会员了解最新的政府事务, staff regularly faxes "Action Alerts" on urgent matters requiring member's attention and/or action, 比如给民选官员打电话或写信. Your firm's 会员 in the CASF not only keeps you informed of pending governmental actions, but it also adds to your own legislative clout since CASF member companies employ over 35,000年选民.  Therefore, that figure along will greatly affect your influence in government. A member may also wish to join the CASF's Political Action Committee (PAC), which contributes to the campaigns of political candidates who are responsive to the needs of the construction industry and funds legal challenges to ordinances, 需要重新处理的法规和法律.


Industry involvement is one of the most important things CASF does to address important issues affecting the industry.  The increasing taxation and regulation of the construction industry must be confronted and dealt with in a professional and productive manner. CASF works in close cooperation with state and local organizations and government departments from the Tri-County area.  通过我们的努力,更好地服务于行业. 基金定期与以下机构进行互动:

  • 佛罗里达建筑联盟
  • 布劳沃德建设联盟
  • 迈阿密-戴德博彩平台推荐小企业企业委员会
  • 迈阿密戴德县建筑业咨询委员会
  • 棕榈滩县建筑业管理委员会
  • Building and Permitting Departments of 戴德, Broward and Palm Beach County
  • 迈阿密戴德,布劳沃德和棕榈滩县的学校董事会
  • 迈阿密戴德和布劳沃德县机场管理局
  • 迈阿密港口管理局-戴德和布劳沃德县
  • 布劳沃德县自然资源保护办公室
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Departments of Miami-戴德, Broward and Palm Beach
  • 职业安全与健康管理局
  • 佛罗里达电力和照明建设部门
  • 南钟建筑事务所
  • 戴德和布劳沃德县的规则和上诉委员会
  • 无牌活动,执法和教育办公室
  • 迈阿密-戴德县博彩平台推荐小企业企业计划
  • 佛罗里达州商业和专业监管部